New Schedule, New Name.

We’ve been listening...

The last few weeks have been turbulent for us as we changed our service schedule from Friday-only, to 3-days-per-week, to 7-days-per-week. But after talking to many of you, we realized that in this chase for greater convenience we lost sight of what’s most important to our customers: great produce quality, a large selection, and low prices. Therefore, we are introducing a new schedule this week that we believe will better meet our customers’ needs.

Starting tomorrow, the market will be open every Thursday from 7 am until 2 pm with delivery on the weekend. You will be able to choose a morning or afternoon delivery on Saturday or Sunday. 

Why is this better?

With this new schedule, we will be able to place orders with local vendors after the market closes on Thursday afternoon. This means we’ll purchase exactly what is needed to fulfill your orders with zero waste on our end! Here is how it helps us improve quality, selection, and price:

1. Better quality control
First, we will have more time on Friday to review and discard items that do not meet our quality standards. Second, because we’ll store food for less than 48 hours, your produce will stay fresh and delicious!
2. Larger selection
Since we won’t have to buy and store everything in advance, we will be able to offer a larger selection of fresh produce. We plan to steadily increase our selection over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow.
3. Lower prices
Because we don’t have to guess demand in advance every week, we will be able to run our operations more efficiently and pass on even more savings to you.

Our mission is to make fresh food delivery accessible to everyone while fighting food waste. This new service schedule puts us one step closer to that goal, and we think you’re going to love it!

Thank you for your support as we continue listening, learning, and improving as fast as we can.


One last thing... to reduce confusion, we are changing our name to Pico Market.


The Friday Food Pico Market Team